House Washing – Interior & Exterior

House Soft Washing for your Central Coast Property

Years of dirt, grime and air pollution can easily be removed in minutes using our state of the art high pressure cleaning equipment and products. We also offer a soft washing service for those sensitive areas.

Your house is your pride and joy but years of dirt, grime and air pollution can make even the finest house look shabby. Mould is another major issue around your home. Mould, green and black, can affect surfaces inside and outside your home creating an unsightly and unhealthy atmosphere. It can be a big job maintaining the cleanliness of your house especially when today’s busy lifestyle places such hectic demands on your time, and some jobs are really best left to the professionals.

Fortunately, the expert Glason’s team can provide the tried and trusted solution. All surfaces to be cleaned are treated with a mould and fungus biocide to ‘kill’ the mould spores. Next, Glasons use state of the art high pressure cleaning equipment to remove the offensive grime and dirt. This system has a proven record in preventing the re-occurrence of mould long-term.


Can the Glason team clean any surface?

We can clean any surface inside and outside your house. Hardiplank, Brickwork, Suntuff roofs, Colour bond, pool surrounds and general courtyard areas are some of the most commonly affected areas and these are straight forward operations for the Glason experts.

However, our experience and specially designed equipment also allow us to clean the most sensitive surfaces leaving your entire home looking like new.

Glason's offer a soft washing pressure-cleaning service for those sensitive areas because sometimes homes need a little TLC and high pressure cleaning is not called for. We can reach the most difficult areas using our state-of-the-art equipment and we also use environmentally friendly biodegradable chemicals to kill mould and algae.

The Glason Group rejuvenate and bring your home back to new!

We are a Central Coast based business, fully insured and exempt from all water restrictions, so you can be assured that your home or business is in good hands.

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