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Your image is important. You have worked hard to establish your business credentials. You have worked hard to create a beautiful home for yourself and your family. Now, graffiti threatens all your hard work. Graffiti is a real problem; it is vandalism.


It can be a costly and frustrating experience removing graffiti only to have to repeat the process a short time later. Current estimates place the cost of graffiti removal in NSW at well in excess of $100 million per year.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal for all surfaces

At last there is an effective solution to your graffiti problems. The Glason team offers fast and efficient graffiti removal services for all surfaces from public buildings to historical monuments and residential buildings.

Glason's use up-to-date graffiti removal products and procedures to remove graffiti. We can easily remove graffiti from most surfaces, including concrete, timber, pavers, bricks, Perspex and plastic as well as painted surfaces.

With an arsenal of different types of products we are able to identify the best solution for your particular needs. Our pressure cleaning units use hot water and high pressure to clean your bricks, building facade, footpath, pavers, etc, to make your property look as it should.

Once the areas are cleaned, we are able to apply an anti-graffiti coating so that where persistent offences occur they can be removed much more easily, in some cases with just soap and hot water. This is a proven way of deterring the vandals and keeping the surface graffiti-free.

Glason's Central Coast Graffiti Removal Services have built a reputation for dependable, trustworthy and safety-conscious service. Our team has served schools, shopping centres, Local Councils, Central Coast Universities and other large organisations where safety, value for money and dependable service are paramount.

The Glason team is committed to maintaining Occupational Health & Safety standards and procedures to protect the public and our employees. This is just one measure of our dedication to helping and serving the community.

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