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Sydney International Aquatic Centre

To whom it may concern,
It is with much gratitude and pleasure that I provide a testimonial for The Glason Group.

We have used the company a number of times when we have cleared out homes for our elderly clients going into aged care facilities.
While most jobs are usually difficult as our clients have been too frail or unwell to have cleaned for a long time, the last one they worked on for us, was probably one of the most difficult we have had to get a cleaning company to assist us with, in over 20 years.

Once we saw the massive amount of cleaning to be done we didn’t know where to start ourselves, so we enlisted the help of The Glason Group. Their representative came out and discussed in detail, every aspect of the job. We pointed out what we felt the problems were and what we needed done, within a few days they came back with costings, time frame and details of how they would fix those problems.

Given this was a massive undertaking and the owners family had entrusted me to make the decisions for them as they were in Melbourne and Sydney, I was obviously cautious and a little worried that nothing could possibly make this house look anywhere near ready for sale.

Even though we had used Glason’s before, I really did not think anyone, no matter how good, could live up to my expectations and alley my fears on how this could be done. However, I was happy to put my total trust in them and I am so glad I did.

This was a 3 level home that had a dreadful mold problem throughout the entire home – inside and out. There was very little evidence of this once the cleaning had been done.
The home also had a rodent infestation which not only had to be cleaned up, but we needed to also get rid of the dreadful smell that was in all carpeted areas. Given the owners did not want to replace the carpets, this was a massive job, long, tedious and difficult given the smell. The end result was better than we could have ever hoped for.

Windows – some that you could barely see through because they were covered in dirt, mold and cobwebs. The end result – they sparkled and looked amazing.
The sandstone around the pool area had been totally neglected for so many years and just looked dirty and unappealing. That was a highlight for us and the clients – all the sandstone areas, including the sandstone bbq looked amazing and made what could have been an overlooked feature of the house, one of the outstanding ones. Just perfect.

Nothing was too much trouble for this company and the few minor things that were overlooked, were rectified and done immediately.

I would highly recommend this company and will always use them again for any of my clients homes that need a total professional clean, both inside and out.

I am also more than happy for anyone to contact me if they have any questions. I also have before and after photos that I am happy to share once I received the owner’s permission to do so.

Yours sincerely
Lorraine Cox
Owner / director
Downsizing With Ease

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